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Norgren Automation Solutions Universal Mounting Kit

Universal Mounting Kit Norgren’s material handling group introduces modular tooling and mounting structures systems to incorporate easy, durable and lightweight position mounting solutions for all applications. Norgren tooling systems allow user friendly integration of vision to assembly, material handling, material detection and welding applications across all industries. Mounting Kit Flyer781 KB

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Norgren Automation Solutions Cobot Tooling Kit

Cobot end of arm tool kit Norgren Automation Solutions introduces its new Collaborative Robot Kit: an all-in-one End of Arm Tool designed to support any Collaborative Robot. The Norgren Cobot Kit is a  user-friendly and versatile system, meaning you can easily adjust or reconfigure your kit for a multitude of parts or applications to meet your business’s needs Cobot Kit Flyer1 MB

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Norgren Automation Solutions Featherweight tooling

Tight spaces, odd angles, changing presses and products – you need tooling that can adapt to any situation with a wide range of motion and faster speeds for overall increased capacity.

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Makita Launches X-LOCK quick-change system for Angle Grinders

X-LOCK Angle Grinders offer an innovative accessory quick-change system. X-LOCK is a locking mechanism that makes tool-less accessory changes up to 5-times faster than traditional threaded locknut mounting, so you can get back to cutting, grinding, or prepping faster.

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Maintenance Guidelines for STANLEY Assembly Tools

In addition to properly specifying the correct tool for the application, preventative maintenance plays a key role in ensuring your assembly tools live a long, productive life.

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STANLEY Assembly Technologies Launches BR12PP-8 Smart Rivet Tool

STANLEY Assembly Technologies and Rapid Assembly Tools are pleased to announce the release of the BR12PP-8 Smart Rivet Tool. This new, high-performance BR12PP-8 Smart Rivet Tool from STANLEY Assembly Technologies is a programmable, smart-rivet reporting system that offers built-in electronics that allow the tool to operate with the standard STANLEY Assembly Technologies QBE-Series Controller or as a standalone system.

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