DC Electric Tools

Hand-held precision threaded fastening tools with torque capacity ranges from 0.5 to 2200 Nm and above. With an industry leading power to weight ratio, corded tools offer a wide range of configurations to fit any application.

DC Electric Tool Controllers

STANLEY® Assembly Technologies offers performance from simple error-proofing to line control. Control options for tools to 2000 Nm, connectivity options Include 24V I/O, USB, Ethernet, Serial and Fieldbus. The powerful Alpha Toolbox software enables configuration, reports and traces. The STANLEY® system offers a wide range of options and solutions to enhance your threaded fastening applications.

Pneumatic Shut-Off Tools

Pneumatic clutch shut off tools providing tools improve assembly quality, productivity and ergonomics at a fraction of the cost of DC Electric.

Cordless Clutch Tools

Innovative cordless tools utilizing the latest advanced technology that allows the operator freedom with a powerful, accurate and ergonomic solution.

Cordless Smart Tools

Transducer-controlled battery powered tools are ideal for threaded fastening assembly, delivering improved productivity and quality without tying down the operator with a traditional cabled tool.

Programmable Shut-Off Impacts

Programmable shut-off impacts offer an economical alternative to oil-filled pulse tooling. These pistol impacts can be programmed to stop at a specified number of impacts that can prevent over-tightening and provide control over height torque fastenings. Pass/Fail indicator clearly confirms the fastening achievement on each application.

Cordless Rivet Tools

Install rivets up to 1/4” with this cordless rivet tool. Ideal for assembly and construction needs, the rivet tool features up to 30 mm of stroke that sets most rivets in one pull.

Cordless Smart Rivet Tool

Smart Rivet Tools record the stem break load and rivet pull distance to help reduce scrap, optimize the assembly process, and provide real-time process data.

Workstation Ergonomics

Supplementing our line of assembly tools, Rapid Assembly offers a full line of workstation and ergonomic equipment.  From balancers and torque arms to complete, custom-engineered workstations, we can provide your assembly solution.

Engineered Assembly Systems

Engineered assembly systems can increase productivity, as well as improve quality. From single and multi-spindle systems to a complete line of torque tubes and articulating arm systems, custom solutions are engineered to meet your unique needs.

Special Output Tools

Custom output designs are available to access all types of threaded fasteners in virtually any tightening application, including, Fixtured, Crowfoot, Tube Nut, Hold-and-Drive, Offset, and Retractable outputs.


With a variety of accessories to complement our complete line of tooling, we have what you need to complete your assembly process in a safe, efficient, and productive manner.


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