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Gottlieb Suhner began manufacturing accessories for textile machines in his own workshop in 1864 and thus, made its cornerstone for today’s Suhner group of companies. Since then, many things have changed and developed – but until today stability, continuity and quality are still characterizing Suhner’s entrepreneurial thinking and actions.

Since Otto Suhner began manufacturing flexible shafts in 1914, due to his experience in the wire business in Brugg, Aargau, the company has been constantly developing. A phase of product innovation under the leadership of Willy O. Suhner was followed by a phase of internationalization under Otto H. Suhner to become today’s global quality leader in selected industrial niche markets.

Since 2014, Jürg Suhner has been CEO of the company with 700 employees worldwide.


Thanks to the built-in feed with an integrated hydraulic cushioning cylinder for rapid traverse and working traverse processes and a sturdy cast metal housing along with precision-engineered spindle bearings, these units are perfect for mass production. Its dimensions are very narrow and there are a variety of drive options in this modular system, enabling it to be installed in a wide variety of situations.



Perfect threads up to size M20 in a wide variety of pitches can be cut or formed with our wide range of thread cutting units, either with lead screws or as an autonomously programmable unit



The ECPP40 is a modular solution that enables you to integrate deep drilling into your production lines. The drilling capacity depends on the model selected: diameters range from 3 to 12 mm and depth ranges from 200 to 800 mm.




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