Maintenance Guidelines for STANLEY Assembly Tools


STANLEY assembly tools are designed for tightening threaded fasteners.  Application variables such as torque level, free run time, joint type, operator practices, and maintenance procedures can affect assembly tool durability.  The following guidelines recommend maintenance intervals for specific tool types and components.  Use the table at the bottom adjust intervals for actual torque level.  Special assembly tools such as crowfoot and tubenut tools are used where space is limited.  To fit in these spaces, typical robust design standards cannot apply, so these tools require more frequent maintenance than standard tools.

The attached document, Maintenance Guidelines for STANLEY Assembly Tools, includes detailed preventative maintenance recommendations, including service intervals, recommended lubricants, and typical lifecycle calculations. This is a good starting point, but remember we’re here to help any way we can.  Your Rapid assembly specialist can provide support from helping you setup internal maintenance checks, providing parts and service, and calibration.