Suggestions for Cleaning Assembly Tools during COVID-19

These instructions pertain to correctly cleaning and/or sanitizing corded and cordless assembly tools and controllers.  When cleaning or sanitizing assembly tools, below are a few important guidelines to follow to ensure proper sanitization and prevent equipment damage.

Recommended Cleaning/ Sanitization Products:

We recommend applying cleaner or sanitizer to a cloth and not directly sprayed on the equipment in order to prevent moisture ingress.

  • Premoistened Disinfectant Wipes
  • General Household Disinfectant spray
  • General purpose glass cleaner for controller screens

Cleaning and / or Sanitization Notes:

  • Avoid applying excess moisture to the tools and controllers
  • Petroleum based cleaners & harsh solvents should be avoided
  • Never submerge the products in any liquid
  • Always follow the tool and controller safety guidelines in the product manuals
  • Avoid damage to the tool serial number label cover and the MFP. If any cleaning agent penetrates the SN label cover, the label may become unreadable.

Tool Cleaning/ Sanitization Directions:

  1. Disconnect the controller and tools from any power source, whether electric or battery powered. For B-Series cordless tools, the battery should be completely removed.
  2. Using a soft, slightly damp scratch free cloth with any of the above approved cleaning agents, thoroughly wipe down the tool and controller. Avoid allowing excessive moisture into any openings.
  3. Ensure enough time is allotted for the cleaning agent to effectively sanitize the surface.
  4. Towel-dry the tool and controller, making sure to absorb any remaining moisture.
  5. Allow to air dry completely before applying any power to the tool/ controller, don’t use compressed air.
  6. Reassemble any tool components that were disassembled for cleaning and reconnect any cables that was previously disconnected.

Power on the tool and controller and confirm proper operation.